Art Deco Box after JEAN DUNAND (1877-1942)


Coral red, Gold powdered lacquer. Geometrical design. Dimensions: 35 cm long, 20cm deep & 13cm high.

Jean Dunand was one of the great craftsmen of The Art Deco Period,He trained as a sculptor, Dunand began experimenting with copper in the early 1900s.Exploring all the possibiltires of the materials and processes available to him at the time.His early works are naturalistic in form & decoration which later gave way to a much more rigorous modernistic design aesthic.The early works have a hammered finish,repousse work & inlaid deoration of other metals & patinated surfaces. 

His interest gradually extended to the use of Lacquer which he studied with Seizo Sugawara,a Japanese Lacquer artist then living in Paris.He combined the lacquer decoration with patinated surfaces & also began to introduce other types of lacquer work,most famously the Coquille d'Oeuf  decoration which consisted of creating an extremely fine mosiac sufrace of broken down white eggshell.As an interesting historical note Dunand being a perfectionist even kept his own chickens to ensure that the shells were exactly the right colour.

Dunand gradually expanded the range of objects he created to include Furniture,Folding Screens,Portraits,Jewellery & even Fabrics,the last item made for the famous Parisian Milliner Madame Agnes.

Jean Dunand exhibited his works at the Paris Salon,the major international exhibitions & through the Gallerie Georges Petit,Paris.He Collaborated with other important decorative artists of the period including furniture makers Ruhlmann & Eugene Printz & the artist & illustrator Francois Louis Schmied.He also received important commissions for whole interios including the Normandie & Atlantique Ocean Liners.


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