ARISTIDE COLOTTE (1885-1959) Art Deco Period Vase


Very thick walled glass vase with deeply chisseled decoration. Dimensions:18cm High,Top Diameter 10cm,Base Diameter 8cm.  Engraved  signature COLOTTE, NANCY.

Aristde Colotte can be cosidered more a sculptor than a glass maker.He used clear glass & relied on the extrodinary skill & dymanism of his decoration to create the visual impact of his creations.

Collote aged 16 entered as an apprentice in the crystal factory of Baccarat, he completed his studies of crystal engraving and was hired by Baccarat in 1902. In 1909, he met the director of the Reunion Shops of Nancy, Eugène JB Corbin who offered Colotte the oppertunity to create a crystal engraving workshop as part of his business.During the First World War, he was assigned to Châtellerault then upon his return to Nancy in 1919  he founded his own independant engraving workshop for glass and metal.

Each of Colottes creations are unique,using a vocabulary of stylised naturalism for the earlier pieces moving toward a more bold geometric style of decoration in the later pieces.Also some fully sculptural pieces exit,an important example of which can be seen in the collection of The Victoria & Albert museum in London.

Colotte was awarded a Bronze medal at the International Exhibition of Modern Decorative and Industrial Arts in 1925, he also exhibited at the Paris Salon & at the 1928 Salon d'Automne had a display case containing five crystal vases.

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